My adventure with Internet began in 1997, then I had been gifted Zoom V34i modem. Then I also started experiments with World Wide Web and in the way I’m doing this today.



Project type: web application
Period: 2004,2005 (v1.1)
Scope: Candidates recrutation system for Faculty of Computing Science and Management at Poznan University Of Technology, the whole internet part was made using technologies such as Java Servlets and Apache Struts. System is powered by Oracle 10g database which replicates data between deans office.
project details | go to Ksantypa (Polish only) – the shop engine

Project type: internet shop
Period: 2003
Technologies: PHP ITX MYSQL XHTML CSS JS PDF credit card payment
Scope: I have created a shop engine for Prosto, the recording company. The shop beside its basic functionality provides following abilities: user profiles, credit card payment, selectable background music, audio samples and videoclips. The shop has multiuser administration panel with postal and banking forms printing, store management module, simple graphics processing, audio samples manager, store statistics.
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Piotr Gaertig Webdesign version 3.0 (version 3.0)

Project type: flash, web presentation
Period: 2002-2003
Technologies: FLASH+ActionScript
Scope: My last website with advanced effects done in Flash ActionScript. Unfortunately I have dropped that version because visitors were associated me mostly as Flash designer.
project description and working copy

Amarena (version 2.1)

Project type: website, electronic catalogue
Period: 2003
Technologies: XHTML PHP JS
Scope: The website’s content has been updated including layout – in this version leading hue is green.
go to Amarena (English available)
Studio Supra

Studio Supra (v2.0)

Project type: flash, web presentation
Period: 2004
Technologies: FLASH+ActionScript XHTML PHP
Scope: Graphics design provided by customer and then turned by me into flash animation. Additionaly an order form was created with e-mail confirmation.
copy of Studio Supra v2.0 (Polish only)

Amarena (v2.0)

Project type: website, electronic catalogue, CD
Period: 2003
Technologies: XHTML PHP
Scope: The second version of project – latest internet standards have been used. Website with fully dynamic XHTML content generated using PHP and ITX templating system. Site can contain text in any world language thanks to Unicode – currently available languages are: polish, german and english.


Project type: website, electronic catalogue, CD, screensaver
Period: 2001-2002
Technologies: HTML PHP FLASH C++
Scope: The first version of website (newer above) based on static HTML content. The site contains simple menu in Flash, contact form for customers, products catalogue order form. The three languages has been provided: polish, english, german. The project includes also company logo, screen saver and offline site on CD-ROM.
Studio supra

Studio Supra

Project type: website, flash presentation
Period: 2002
Technologies: FLASH+AS
Scope: The company provides polygraphic services that inspired me to create scanning lamp effect in main menu. My duty was put graphics delivered by customer together into a flash animation. In this project I have started experimenting with Action Script, ex. street map responding to mouse movements (look into Kontakt menu).
copy of Studio Supra v1.0 (Polish only)


Project type: website
Period: 2001
Technologies: HTML JS PHP FLASH
Scope: Website for furniture company in Koscierzyna, Poland with over 500 graphics and photos. Project contained a lot of static pages, menu, intro in Flash and a few forms.

19th Comprehensive School in Poznan

Project type: website
Period: 1999-2000
Technologies: HTML JS FLASH
Scope: My first serious project, including creation of static content, timetable, interactive building plan etc.